03 / 01 / 2023

Diabetes: How diabetes kills you from inside out

(WARNING: Contains images showing extremely damaged human organs)

Loss of eyesight

Diabetes makes a person go blind. Forever. It is impossible to restore diabetes-damaged eyesight even with the help of laser correction since retinal detachment occurs because of many haemorrhages.

The kidneys get destroyed

Sugar just clogs up the ureters. The environment in the kidneys becomes incredibly sweet. Sugar is a preservative. It preserves the kidneys. Gradually they die. Chronic renal failure is just the tip of the iceberg. The kidneys can be lost completely.

(WARNING: Showing extremely damaged human kidneys)

The joints stop moving.

Joint movement is provided by synovial fluid. When the vessels stop nourishing the joint, the synovial fluid is no longer secreted. The joint just dries up. As a result, the person is forced to endure excruciating pain. Even painkillers do not help. The joint freezes completely. A person loses the ability to move independently.

The nervous system breaks down.

The nerves, like many other organs, suffer from excess sugar. Over time, the diabetic develops psychoses, the person becomes emotionally unbalanced. They are often tormented by depression, nothing pleases him. They just want to lie down and die.

The skin begins to rot!

First, it dries up a lot, scratches appear, followed by eczema and ulcers. The muscles and bones begin to rot and detach from the skin. A foul odor appears. This all leads to gangrene.

No matter how you look at it diabetes is a very dangerous disease. Perhaps even the most dangerous. I am very sorry for people like myself who are diagnosed with diabetes.

(WARNING: Showing extremely damaged human leg and feet)

Prepared by Graciano Masauso, President, AHO

AHO Media Centre, Harare, 03/01/2023