06 / 07 / 2021

Malawi’s Independence Day

Today marks Malawi's Independence Day.

?The Republic of Malawi is a southeast African country also known as Malawi. On July 6, 1964, Malawi achieved freedom from British Empire after a long freedom battle. ?


?? The Malawi national flag represents the fledgling country, its evolution, landscape and the blood of martyrs. ??


?Malawi’s national anthem is titled- Mulungu dalitsa Malawi which means ‘Oh God bless Our land of Malawi’. It was written by Michael- Fredrick Paul Sauka and composed by Sauka. ✍?


? The day is celebrated as a national holiday with flag hoisting ceremonies, political rallies, patriotic speeches, military parades with various other public events. The national holiday helps families and friends bond. ?