Planning and budget programme

About us

The Planning and Budget is a strategic unit of AHO in charge of the management and implementation of key strategic  initiatives, e.g. the AHO Strategic Plan 2020-2030, AHO Biennial Programme and Budget, the AHO Result-Based Management (RBM) Framework and Horizontal Team-Oriented Organisation and related issues.



The mission of Public and Budget is to lead the:

  • Strategic planning and budgeting process of AHO, including the development of the Organisations Strategic Plan and its Programme and Budget, and the Operational planning process, including the elaboration of organizational entities´ Biennial Work plans;
  • Performance Monitoring and Assessment process of the AHO Strategic Plan, including reporting to the Organisation’s Governing Bodies;
  • Provision of technical support for the elaboration of voluntary contributions projects and programs, and the resource coordination function in the Organisation; and
  • The process of on-going improvements to the effectiveness and institutional development of the Organisation.