Tejashwini Prashar

Policy and Research & Speechwriter

My name is Tejashwini Prashar, a first-year undergraduate pursuing a BA in History, Politics and Economics at UCL. A keen writer, researcher and enthusiast of international development and public policy, it is fitting that my passions led to me an opportunity to work with this wonderful organisation.

A rather ambitious but defining goal of mine is to refine an understanding of development economics and redefine our models of justice and inequality. I believe that the AHOs objective of improving health equity in Africa is a fundamental step towards empowering communities socially and economically. As a policy research volunteer, the role will equip me with practical skills in data collection, analysis and evaluation. Observing the later evolution of such research into policy and actionable strategy leaves me energised about my time here.

I have previously undertaken research on the emerging nature of Sino-African Relations, analysing to what extent China’s foreign investment in the continent (2009-2015) can be evaluated as neo-colonialist or trade mutualistic. Producing a 75,000 word contemporary fiction novel on the Six Degrees of Separation has also enhanced my capabilities in creative lateral thinking.

I look forward to learning, reflecting, collaborating (and researching!) towards a better future.