Tasie Lawrence

Goodwill Ambassador

Anastasia “Tasie” Katya Breezy Dhanraj was born in Brighton, East Sussex, England to Derek Dhanraj and Rebecca Sinnatt.

She has a younger sister named Tasha and is of Indian/Guyanese and English decent.

She is a singer/songwriter and is former member of a dark pop rock band called the “WooWoos”. Though she confirmed in her Twitter that she has left the band due to her wanting to go in a different direction of her career.

She is best known for her role as Mara Jaffray in the Belgian/American/British Teen Drama Mystery television series of Nickelodeon: House of Anubis.

Tasie Lawrence is an actress from Brighton, England. She studied music at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford and went on to be signed by Island Records as a singer/songwriter. She has a BA in music.

She shares an apartment with her House of Anubis co-star Ana Mulvoy Ten and is very close to both Mulvoy and another House of Anubis co-star Klariza Clayton.

She was featured in her co-star Brad Kavanagh’s original song “We Shall Overcome”.

She’s an occasional singer/songwriter.

She chose the name Anastasia because when her mother was pregnant with her, she went through a list of baby names and she kicked on Anastasia.


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