Susan Emmily Nungo

Goodwill Ambassador & Policy and Research

I am a professional in International Social Development (MA), specializing in research, policy and advocacy for health and development.

Born and raised in Western Kenya, I experienced very closely the effects of an inefficient healthcare system. Constant battles with communicable and tropical diseases like malaria, several incidences of neonatal and maternal deaths. Disparaging health struggles of less researched genetic diseases like sickle cell anaemia as well as fatal effects of unattended mental health issues, commonly as a result of disease stigmatization in the region. Unaffordable healthcare costs commonly resulting in self-diagnosis and medication through easily accessible over the counter drugs and traditional alternatives. In addition, the incredibly high costs of NCD treatment as well as a lack of organized palliative care became too huge a gap for me to overlook.

Driven by compassion, I am keen to make my contribution in health and development in Africa through policy-influencing research and advocacy. Health, both physical and mental, is a basic human right for all and a critical part of human dignity, which we all deserve. I am glad to be part of AHO’s mission of developing health systems in Africa in my capacity as a Research and Policy Volunteer.