Samantha Enaman

Gender Equality Policy and Strategy

My name is Samantha and I am currently studying Sociology at Brunel. I was born and partially raised in Ghana. From an early age, I became aware of the privileges that I held and the social imbalances that many children were and are continuously faced with not only in Ghana but on the continent.

My passion for African socio-economic affairs is one that has been nurtured many years ago and is continuing to grow. I recently completed an internship as an Africa Content Writer at an NGO that worked in Guinea Bissau’s most remote areas. During this role, I learned the abysmal levels of inequalities that existed in the access to safe drinking water, health care and education based on gender.


I am excited to get involved with AHO as I am keen to add my initiatives and contribute to bringing accessible healthcare and education to Africans all over the content!