Rutendo Mubwandarikwa

Policy and Research

My name is Rutendo Mubwanda and I am a Policy and Research Volunteer at the African Health Organisation (AHO). I study International Relations and French. Through this discipline, I have studied the interconnectedness of politics, economics and society at a global level. The study of French has opened my eyes to a new perspective by looking at the language, culture and the Francophonie world. In addition to this, I have developed research and critical analysis skills.

Besides my studies, I am the Vice President and Campaign Manager at the UEA Oxfam Society. My role here includes forming and executing ideas and activities from the ground up.

I am delighted to be a member of AHO, as it is an opportunity to undertake research with a key focus on African countries. Moreover, given that the research that I will be conducting will be used within the 2020 – 2030 Strategic Plan, my role will assist in implementing positive policy surrounding the future of health in Africa.