Rhea Charles

Graphic Designer

My name is Rhea Charles and I am a graphic designer aspiring to make a career in the advertising industry. I have a passion for producing interactive graphic solutions for real social issues. As a detail oriented individual and an avid multi-tasker, I enjoy working with various people and exploring new ways of engaging my audience. I strive to make my designs concept oriented and serve a particular purpose.

Born and raised in India, I moved to the UK to complete my Master’s in Graphic Design and Visualisation from Loughborough University. Through the course of my degree, I was able to fully understand the need and importance of using design to raise awareness and create a positive change in this world.

This year has been immensely difficult for people all across the globe. Feeling grateful to be healthy and alive, I wanted to do more. The opportunity to volunteer at AHO has enabled me to use my skills and passion for graphic design in a manner that promotes equality especially in the realm of healthcare!