Pratiksha Khetia

Policy and Research

My name is Pratiksha Khetia and I just completed my MSc in Molecular medical biosciences from the University of Bath. I hold an accredited Biomedical sciences degree from the University of Brighton. My passion for medical writing, literature searching and research has earned me the opportunity to be part of this phenomenal organization.

Born and raised from a beautiful country Kenya with amazing wildlife, plains and savannah. However, the rising health problems in Kenya has led me to take a step towards working to improve the current health sector, thus I’m persistent and ambitious to bring a positive change. The aim of Africa health organization (AHO) to help African countries in obtaining and maintaining their health and well-being is key towards improving quality of life and delivering excellent health services. As a policy and research volunteer, this role will further expand my data analysis and research skills. Following with recommending policies and strategizing a plan to overcome health and social issues have left me elated for my time I will spend with AHO.

I look forward to giving my best input in this organisation, learning, experience personal growth and collectively researching!