Patrycja Talaga

Policy and Research

My name is Patrycja Talaga, I am a recent graduate from BSc International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response at the University of Manchester. I am now studying MSc Global Public Health and Policy at the Queens Mary University of London.
I have always been interested in global health issues, especially in relation to the disproportional effects seen in the developing world. One thing that my undergraduate study made me realise is that in order to achieve sustainable and effective change in the world, inter-disciplinary collaborations between various departments such as health, education or shelter are needed. I wish to apply this to the work I will carry out during this volunteering position.
I am thrilled to be a member of the African Health Organisation as a Policy and Research Volunteer and believe this opportunity will not only provide me with in-depth insight on social determinants of health in Africa, but highlight important measures to consider when designing, implementing or evaluating health policies in the real world.