Oleuanna Twig

Grant and Bid Writer

Specialising within the field of poverty mitigation and food security. Working in partnership with adept experts who together want to redefine research and produce high quality, effective and sustainable solutions for the people who are all too often marginalised in our society. I want to be a part of the very excellence in quality research, contribute valuably to the fight against underdevelopment and be an element of worldwide knowledge sharing.

I have been employed within local government, charities and NGO’s in roles ranging from homeless frontline worker to commissioning officer, I now aspire to work with humanitarian projects, the charity sector and on international development. I relish the opportunity to help strengthen small unheard causes that encompass a well-developed ethic and ethos through either project management or the arduous challenge of fundraising as we all know what a nightmare cul-de-sac that can sometimes be.

Within the next five years, I want to have developed a world-leading Think Tank in Poverty alleviation. Not only will we be looking at agricultural trade as a resolution but also the introduction of Blockchain Technology to create secure decentralised supply chains for the providers. Because let’s face it, it is ludicrous to accept people dying of starvation in the 21st Century!