Jamie Maynard

Policy and Research

Originally from Essex, I’m currently an undergraduate and third-year BSc Economics student at the University of East Anglia. Last year I decided to begin fundraising as I joined the global effort in tackling meningitis and septicaemia by choosing to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, which I plan to do in the summer of 2021, through raising £3,440 for Meningitis Research Foundation. Since then, I’ve developed an interest in development economics, as my degree has heightened my desire to work in roles which aim to bring about positive social change through the designing and implementation of policy. Naturally, I was, therefore, drawn to the role of policy and research assistant at the AHO. Subsequently, I’m thrilled to be volunteering for AHO and I, therefore, hope to be able to contribute in promoting equity in health and improving the quality of lives of the people of Africa.