Haocheng Fang

Gender Equality Policy and Strategy

My name is Haocheng Fang and I joined African Health Organisation as Gender Equality Policy and Strategy Volunteer. I am currently an LLB Law student in University College London. My interest area in research includes racial and gender minority rights, especially how they are protected by existing policy and legal frameworks and how they intersect with other forms of discrimination.

My interest in human rights stemmed from my participation in a research project about HIV prevention and my MUN experience debating about Kurdish cultural rights, effective peacekeeping operations, women refugees’ health access and safety and so on. During my studies in the UK, my knowledge is advanced by ethical considerations surrounding religious practices, colour conscious approaches to racial equality and abortion. My personal experience around people with HIV led me to appreciate socio-economic ramifications of health conditions and how stigma around health is intertwined with human rights. I am very excited to contribute to existing literature around women and ethical minority’s rights and general welfare.