Hai Anh Le

Policy and Research

My name is Hai Anh Le and I am from Vietnam. I am currently an undergraduate Psychology student at University of East Anglia, Norwich, England. As a psychology student, the well-being of people is one of my greatest concerns that it has been one of my greatest ambitions to acquire more knowledge about how to help improve the quality of people’s both physical and mental health and be more engaged in the healthcare system. I am always keen on learning and such motivation always pushes me forward to accomplish my responsibility to the highest extent. I also believe I have the ability to empathise and understand every individual’s personalities and characteristics as I have had an approach to many different cultures; in other words, I always respect individual differences and strive for learning from them as much as I could. I am also playing a role as Social, Health and Safety Secretary of Raising and Giving Society at UEA and UEA Award Champion assisting students with their career development scheme.