Graciano Masauso

AHO President & CEO

My name is Graciano Masauso, born Upenyu Kuzwayo. I am the founder of Africa Health Organisation (AHO). I come from Chigaro village in Makonde District of Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe. My parents live in Nyamutumbu village in Murewa District in Mashonaland East province in Zimbabwe. On 23rd September 1997 I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF) and I was on dialysis for 2 years in Ward B6 Renal Unit at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare in Zimbabwe. I had kidney transplant on 14 August 1999 at Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg in South Africa. The horrible experience of dialysis sundries shortage, machine breakdown, expensive dialysis and transplant and watching people dying daily due to under-dialysed inspired me to set up Africa Health Organisation (AHO) in 1999 to help others. Dialysis cost US$250 per session with three sessions per week and we had to raise US$75,000 for kidney transplant. In 2001, I moved to UK and I set up and registered AHO in 2005 as AFREKID and in 2009 as a subsidiary AHO England. In 2016, AHO was registered in England and Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registrations in Africa and the Diaspora have begun