Eleonora Gaggero

Goodwill Ambassador

Eleonora Gaggero (born November 20, 2001) is an Italian actress, model and singer.

She portrays Nicole De Ponte in Alex & Co.

Eleonora Gaggero was born to Maurizio and Dalila in Albaro, Genova (Italy) in 2001. She has been dancing since she was three years old. To help combat her shyness, her parents enrolled her in speaking and acting classes, where she found her love for the art.

In 2011, with 10 years old, she began to appear in some commercials, some of them for the Disney series Violetta. 3 years later, she got her first role as Stella in the film Fratelli Unici. Then she made an audition and was chosen for playing Nicole De Ponte in Alex & Co., for which she has become famous.

In 2015, she started liceo scientifico (scientific secondary school). In 2016, however, she changed school and spent her second high school year in liceo delle scienze umane (human sciences secondary school). In 2017, she moved to Rome and so she changed school again, starting liceo linguistico (linguistic secondary school).

In 2016 she got an important role in Scomparsa, a Rai 1 TV series, at the same time she was filming Alex & Co. Season 3 Part 2, so that Nicole was absent in some episodes. After Alex & Co. ended, she wrote a novel titled Se è con te, sempre (If it’s with you, always) and the next year she released its sequel, titled Dimmi che ci credi anche tu (Tell me you believe it, too).