Cristina Calvache Quesada

Illustrator / Infographic Designer

Cristina Calvache (born September 24, 1992) is a Spanish independent Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Cristina was born in Villardompardo, a small town of south of Spain. She lived in Granada for 10 years where she started her artistic career. She is currently working and living in London.

She graduated from Fine Arts in the University of Granada in 2014, Visual Arts and Education Master’s Degree in 2015 as well as other additional training such as Editorial Design in 2019.

She has collaborated in different international and cultural projects with the University of Granada, highlighting two of them: ‘Haza Grande. Gipsy identity and participative practices based on Arts in the small neighbourhood’. Granada, Spain, 2014-2017. (Publication in Spanish available; and ‘A happiness moment’. Art Center La ville des Arts. Rabat,Morocco. Colective exhibition and workshop with children groups based on Morocco and Spanish poetry. 2016. (Resume of the project in Spanish available

Cristina considers herself a multidisciplinary artist, as she is working on her PhD studies focused on experimental video through popular archives, although her most recent works are based on anatomical and botanical illustration.