Christiana Alao

Policy and Research

My name is Christiana Alao, I am a Population Health recent graduate from University College London (UCL). I have been able to acquire the knowledge and skills, which has enabled me to develop an understanding in the different social science disciplines used to study Population Health, preparing me for research and professional practice in the health sector and beyond. My undergraduate BSc was very interdisciplinary integrating the fields of Global health, Policy, Epidemiology, as well as Data analysis into a comprehensive study of the socioeconomic and demographic distribution of health and disease worldwide.

I am delighted to be a member of the African Health Organisation as a Policy and Research Volunteer. This opportunity will allow me to gain critical insight into the social determinants of health and develop the skills needed to critically initiate change. I believe this opportunity will give me the chance to improve my current skills and knowledge alongside challenge myself to grow within healthcare and public health sector.