Amber Cordice

Policy and Research

My name is Amber Cordice and I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a Bsc in Zoology and will be starting my place on Harper and Keele Veterinary Schools Veterinary Medicine and Surgery course September 2021. Throughout this process, I have gained transferable skills that I can utilise within public health and social and economic sectors, such as laboratory techniques, data analyses, public speaking and engagement. I am highly passionate about epidemiology, demography, public health and public education. I am delighted to become a Policy and Research Volunteer with the AHO and utilise the skills I have gained from my degree and the interpersonal skills I have gained along the way in my employment.

Volunteering for charities within the animal welfare sector, I am passionate about AHO’s goals to produce an interdisciplinary strategy in providing optimal health and welfare solutions across Africa and aim to support the progress towards equal health opportunities for all.