Alcohol and substance use

The harmful consumption of alcohol is associated with a range of health and social consequences, including injuries, several forms of cancer, chronic liver disease, heart disease, alcohol dependence, and domestic violence.

Priority cross-cutting issues for the program include: gender, human rights, health promotion and services in primary health care.


Alcohol and Substance Abuse Facts

  • Alcohol consumption in Africa is approximately 45% greater than the global average.
  • In 2000 alcohol was the most important risk to health in low and middle income countries in Africa. Illicit drugs ranked 8th among the 10 leading risk factors for Africa.
  • The average drinking pattern of adults in the majority of countries in Africa is hazardous to health.
  • It is estimated that in the year 2013, alcohol led to the death of one person every 100 seconds in Africa.
  • Health services to deal with alcohol use disorders are lacking.
  • Stigma and discrimination against people with alcohol use disorders hinder their access to health services and treatment.


Alcohol Abuse