Afro-Brazilians are Brazilians who have African ancestry. In 2010, 7.6% of the Brazilian population, some 15 million people, identified as preto, while 43% (86 million) identified as pardo. Pretos tend to be predominantly African in ancestry, while pardos tend to have a lesser percentage of African ancestry. On average pardos are predominantly European, with African or Native American ancestries
Preliminary results from the 2010 census, show that 97 million Brazilians, or 50.7% of the population, now define themselves as black or mixed race, compared with 91 million or 47.7% who label themselves white.


In Brazil, AHO will do the following programmes:

  1. Set up offices in major cities with large number of Africans
  2. Work with Brazilian government to provide health and social care to Africans
  3. Work in partnership with others to deliver projects in Brazil
  4. Look for partnership in Brazil to deliver projects in Africa
  5. To recruit skilled health workforce in Brazil
  6. To set up health exchange programmes between Brazil and Africa
  7. Create fundraising programmes to raise funds in Brazil for projects in Africa

If you are interested in participating in any of these programmes, please contact us on